Sarah Jarosz Debuts “Orange And Blue,” A Calm, Reflective Ode To Her Texas Childhood

Though she still resides in the urban hustle of New York City, multi-instrumentalist and 3-time Grammy winner Sarah Jarosz reached back to her childhood roots in small-town, tree-lined Texas Hill Country for inspiration on “Orange and Blue,” a calm and reflective track released today in advance of her upcoming release World On The Ground (out June 5).

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Lyrically, “Orange and Blue” is a detailed, vivid dream of nature’s beauty and importance. Cypress trees, forgotten leaves, the muddy ground, an ominous black sky and the water’s edge offer a peak into Jarosz’ memories and a yearning for understanding in today’s high-tech world.

I think I found it now/ And nothing else will do

A heart that burns so true/ Burning orange and blue

Jarosz recorded the album at Grammy-winning producer John Leventhal’s Manhattan home studio in late 2019. Leventhal’s soft, sensitive production underscores Jarosz’ gorgeous pitch-perfect vocals with tenderly-played piano, soft brushes, fretless-sounding bass and melodic guitar accompaniment.

Stylistically, fans of Rosanne Cash, Shawn Colvin, Elvis Costello (three other artists Leventhal has produced), Patty Griffin and Norah Jones will relish in the musical talent Jarosz exudes. “Orange and Blue” is her own statement, though, and longtime Jarosz fans will close their eyes and find solace and understanding in her precise, poetic observations of the beauty and truth the natural elements offer.

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