Shannon LaBrie Lights a Fire in Latest Single, “Firewalker”

With insightful lyrics that bring hope and certainty to an uncertain world, Shannon LaBrie is back with a single that can be used every single day, especially as all of us wake up not knowing what the day will bring.

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“Firewalker,” LaBrie’s first 2020 release, is a track that many people will gravitate toward, simply because they need a little pick-me-up during such a slow time in society. Its upbeat tempo is good for getting a good workout in, some spring cleaning done, or simply just relaxing and enjoying new music! “I needed a song to give me guts every day,” says the Nebraska native. “I wanted a song that I could sing that ignited strength, confidence and grit.”

The song was recorded Blueroom Studios in the Berry Hill neighborhood of Nashville, where LaBrie now calls home. Recording with Grammy award-winners Charles Yingling and Brent Maher made the creation process relatively quick and easy! “We got in the studio, no click, and laid the song down 3 times live to tape. In the end, we picked the best one and viola, we got “Firewalker.”
LaBrie co-wrote the single with Tia Sillers and Joe Robinson, who have had a plethora of success in their own careers.

Working with someone who admire very heavily can be a life-shifting moment and it was for LaBrie, admires the career that Sillers has had. “She is resilient and brilliant. She reads more than anyone I know and has taken it upon herself to excel not just in songwriting but, in every area of her life. She doesn’t stop learning, she is always curious and has a great sense of humor.”
At this point in the year, LaBrie would be preparing for the bulk of touring season as she has her entire career that entails many hours on the road, playing over 500 shows across the United States, opening for artists like Valerie June, ZZ Ward, Robert Randolph and Gabe Dixon.

The coronavirus pandemic has brought this side of the industry to a screeching halt as well as many other things such as doing work in the studios. LaBrie had previously planned to have her full-length album recorded and ready to be released, but until the studios in Music City open back up, LaBrie is staying put.

While much of the world and particularly LaBrie’s home of Nashville, who has seen their city crippled because of a tornado that was instantly followed by the COVID-19 pandemic, is in shambles, “Firewalker” is a ray of light that can guide you through each day and keep you motivated when you need that extra pick-me-up.

Shannon LaBrie’s newest single “Firewalker” is available on streaming platforms everywhere today!


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