Song Premiere: John Sieger & Greg Koch, “Baby Sister”

The Artist: John Sieger and Greg Koch, two Milwaukee-based artists who’ve teamed up to make new music. Sieger fronts popular roots band Semi-Twang, and Koch is a guitarist and solo artist.
The Song: “Baby Sister”
Fun Fact: The two started writing together after a chance encounter outside of a Starbucks.
Sounds Like: A soft, bluesy track that showcases Koch’s masterful picking.
Songwriter Says: “‘Baby Sister’ was conceived as a humble cousin to the amazing Doc Pomus/Mort Shuman song ‘Little Sister,'” says Sieger. “Greg Koch sent me dozens of great ideas and I found myself making up stories for a lot of them. In this one the pesky brat with the cute crooked smile is the one the guy will eventually wind up with. He just doesn’t know he’s in love with her yet, but he will a few years down the line. It’s almost a stock Hollywood plot, the only unusual twist is Greg’s oddly fetching chord sequence. He also adds a super charming coda to the end that kills me every time I hear it.”

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