Joshua James Sings With “Broken Tongue” On New Track

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On April 7, Joshua James will unveil My Spirit Sister, a tuneful and arresting song-collection that finds the Utah-based artist grappling with the “things that come up in our lives without warning — [i.e.,] lovers and relationships.”

Like much of the record, album-opener “Broken Tongue” pulses with a dark, austere beauty. James says the song is about losing the very thing that allows a person to work his or her trade.

“Every human experience notches a man along, in his progression on digression,” James says. “We find our dream, our calling, our purpose. Within that purpose we require certain tools. A surgeon must have his hands. A runner must have his knees. A singer requires his tongue. Experience can rob us of our dream by destroying our tools of creativity and construction. The song came to me as my tongue was being ripped from my very mouth.”

Listen to “Broken Tongue” below.


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