Song Premiere: Maszer, “Pandora’s Box”

Photo by Cody Ulrich

American Songwriter is pleased to premiere “Pandora’s Box,” a track from eclectic psych rock outfit Maszer’s upcoming EP, DREAMSZ.

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Following a stint of her own musical endeavors, lead singer Katie Blackstock joined forces with guitarist Tomer-David Rapaport, also known as STITCX, and drummer Joseph Braley to form the Seattle-based trio. During the three years leading up to Maszer, which means ‘tithing’ in Hebrew, Rapaport and Braley toured heavily with their blues rock band, Reignwolf.

Sonically, “Pandora’s Box” is a haunting, slow-moving number. The five-track collection, produced by Rapaport, explores themes of spirituality and existentialism and includes three of the band’s previously released singles, as well as “Pandora’s Box” and “California Sees You.”

DREAMZ drops March 18. Listen to “Pandora’s Box” below.

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