Song Premiere: Melanie Devaney, “One Little Teardrop”

Melanie Devaney
The Artist: Los Angeles-based Americana artist Melanie Devaney
The Song: “One Little Teardrop,” off her new album Single Subject Notebook.
Fun Fact: Most of the songs on the album were written about Devaney’s move from a small town in Iowa to Los Angeles.
Songwriter Says: “‘One Little Teardrop’ is one of the earliest songs I wrote. It’s basically about how there are times in life that, no matter where you go, it feels like there is a rain cloud following you. Writing this, I wanted to create imagery that captured how love can play tricks on us, make us cry and yet, through the magic of nature, these tears are recycled. In the studio, we worked hard to embody these images musically with drippy guitars, light drum brushes and subtle piano parts.”

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