Song Premiere: Kina Grannis, “Little Worrier”

kina grannis
The Artist: Singer-songwriter Kina Grannis
The Song: “Little Worrier” from Elements, out May 6th
Fun Fact: If you’re like us, you will love the hell out of this song.
Songwriter Says: “I wrote ‘Little Worrier’ during a week-long writing retreat in a cabin in the woods. Somehow I failed to anticipate that in doing this alone I would be scared out of my mind the entire time, and after a particularly embarrassing scare involving a mouse I had mistaken for a man breaking into the cabin, I basically carried around a small knife with me for the remainder of my trip. Anyway, this song was inspired by that incident, but as I began writing it it quickly took on much greater meaning to me. I have always been one to worry about everything–the past, the future, the people I care about, how I am perceived, the list goes on and on, so in a way this song became a somewhat of a lullaby to myself, reminding me that filling your life with worry is a pointless thing to do. An interesting factoid about this track is that we actually used the original recording I made of this song the morning I wrote it in the cabin on the album and built on it from there. We tried re-recording it, but sometimes a demo recording has a certain magic you can never get back, and in the end we didn’t want to lose that.”

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