Song Premiere: Will Carter Band Delivers Summer Vibes with Their New Track “Front Porch Life”

With the temperature rising across the country, it’s the perfect time to find the song of the summer. If that means a country song about laid-back good times, watching the world go by, and spending time with the ones you love, Will Carter Band has you covered. American Songwriter is proud to premiere “Front Porch Life” today. The song comes from the band’s forthcoming album Had It All Wrong which drops next month.

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Will Carter has been chasing the dream since before he could drive. Growing up on a farm in Texas, he started carving out time to hone his craft between homeschooling and chores. He took the stage for the first time at three years old and picked up the guitar for the first time at the age of ten. The Will Carter Band’s output shows this lifelong devotion to picking, singing, and writing songs. Songs like “Had It All Wrong,” “Sway,” and “Just Wait and See” showcase Carter’s hard-won skillset and the prowess of his backing band.

More on Will Carter Band’s “Front Porch Life”

“Front Porch Life” stands out as the only track from Had It All Wrong that Carter didn’t write. As many country artists know, the ability to select the right outside cuts is sometimes just as important as the ability to write a good song.

With this one, Will Carter and the band exude summer vibes. The arrangement sets the mood for the kind of song that makes the heat feel a little more comfortable and the cold beverages go down a little easier. That, combined with Carter’s vocal delivery makes this a strong contender for the song of the summer.

“Scott Brown (Scooter Brown Band/War Hippies) wrote this song. His team reached out to us and said they thought it would be a good fit for the WCB,” Carter said of the song.  “We really dug the song and lyrics immediately, and when we went in to record we modified it with a swing groove to make it more our own sound and style,” he added.

Then, Carter talked about the lyrics and meaning behind the song. “The song lyrics took me back to growing up on the family farm in Sealy, Texas where we worked hard, but life just felt easier.  It was a simpler time compared to life today, a more tranquil reality I hope we can get back to.”

Had It All Wrong hits shelves and streaming platforms on July 5.

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