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We polled industry experts for the March/April feature Dream Big: How To Succeed In Today’s Volatile Music Business. For those of you who really want to get ahead, here’s the full transcript of each interview, with lots of extra insights and advice.

Traci Thomas – Thirty Tigers

I just recorded the best song I ever wrote. What’s the new model for getting my music heard? What to do with my demo?

Give it away. Put it up on bandcamp.com, collect email addresses in exchange for the track, hook it up to your Facebook page. Make people “Like” your page in order to get the free track.

If I do post it for free, will anyone want to buy it?


Should I sell it on iTunes, CD Baby, Spotify? What sort of cut will I get?

If it’s just a track I would probably wait until you had at least an EP to sell it online.

Next, how do I get people in the industry to hear it, so I can get a record deal or have it placed in a commercial?

Touring is the key to breaking any new artist. If you’re out there and touring and getting attention, the industry will pay attention.

The response has been great but I haven’t been signed or picked up for a commercial — what’s my next move? Tour? Hire PR?

Keep touring. If touring is going well and no labels have come a calling find some other means of distribution and hire a publicist and radio promoter.

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