Sophie & The Broken Things Release “Kickin’ Stereos” Ahead of EP


Now in Nashville but still tied to her Maryland Eastern Shore upbringing, Sophie Gault — fronting Sophie & The Broken Things — takes a mix of influences and rolls up her sleeves on a unique sound that balances nicely between Americana and roots rock.

Debuting Kickin’ Stereos on American Songwriter reveals the human side of Gault, who wrote the song based on her real life experience, albeit a negative experience.

Kickin’ Stereos is about me looking back at a destructive relationship I was in, and realizing that I needed healthier ways of dealing with things,” she said. “I was inspired by a friend who lived out on a farm, had a motorcycle, was in a band and I remember thinking, life’s too short to not love every single day of it, doing what makes you happy.”

She draws upon her inspirations of Steve Earle, Lucinda Williams, Keith Richards, Freddie King, Neil Young, Bonnie Raitt, John Mayer, Neko Case, Ryan Adams, and the Rolling Stone — quite the list — to help create her music.

Her time spent with Americana pioneer Julie Miller added to her musical fuel.

Early in her time in Nashville, Gault decided to make a quick stop at Bobby’s Idle Hour where she happened to she ran into Miller. For Gault it was literally meeting an inspiration, as Miller’s award-winning music had shaped Gault’s own approach to songwriting. The two struck up a conversation, and Gault left Bobby’s Idle Hour later that evening with a heightened level of inspiration.

It is a moment that she looks back on frequently.

“I have always been a huge fan of Julie Miller; so randomly meeting her in Nashville was one of those serendipitous moments. I was driving home, listening to “Chalk” in the car, remembering how great a song it is, then decided to grab a drink At Bobby’s Idle Hour. And there she sat. The universe was speaking to me,” Gault said. “I introduced myself and we hung out for an hour or so. She was the sweetest person, gave me some great advice and inspiration.”

Sophie & The Broken Things is set to release an EP early in 2020 but the band is currently in the studio working on a full-length album.

You can see them local to Nashville at a few shows before the EP is out.

December 14 — True Music Room at Cambria Hotel — Nashville, TN 
January 10 — Springwater Lounge — Nashville, TN (w/ Bryan Howell & The Tender Mercies)
January 31 — The 5 Spot — Nashville, TN (w/ Cullen Wade & The Waters) **EP Release Show **

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