Spaceface Premiere New Video For “Radiator”

Photo courtesy of the artist

Jake Ingalls has a pretty decent day job, playing guitar and synthesizer as part of the Flaming Lips. He also leads a project of his own, though, the psych-garage rock band Spaceface. The band released its most recent album Sun Kids in early 2017, and now the outfit is sharing a new music video for one of that LP’s standout tracks, “Radiator.”

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Though the track deals with a difficult subject — addiction — the music and accompanying video have almost an ethereal vibe, though there is something of a twist at the clip’s end.

“At its core, this song mostly tackles the issue of addiction, be it to a substance or to a person,” bassist Matt Strong says. “After seeing chemical abuse take hold of many friends, I often thought, ‘That could never happen to me. I wouldn’t let myself be caught in a destructive relationship like that.’ Until it does happen to you, and all of the things that made sense, or made you warm, or made you feel whole, are completely lost. And you drift away into despair and loneliness. Until finally, if you’re lucky enough, you snap out of it.”

Watch the video for “Radiator” below.

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