Stephen Day Funnels Pandemic Angst Into Creative Rebirth On “Every Way (Supernatural)”

The pandemic has either been a period of stagnation or immense creative renaissance for many artists. Georgia native Stephen Day found himself firmly planted in the latter category, witnessing the floodgates part and rising waters of songwriting and inspiration. With his new song “Every Way (Supernatural),” premiering today, he crafts a chilly sonic plunge, a moment which became a huge musical leap forward.

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“When the pandemic hit and my spring tour got canceled, the only musical option I really had was to start writing,” Day tells American Songwriter over email. “This song came a few weeks into the creation of this project, and it felt like a breakthrough. Immediately, it felt like I was a kid again hiding out in my room making music that felt like magic. That’s what this project is to me: a return to that safe place that feels like home.” 

“Every Way (Supernatural)” initially blossoms as a muted, synth-pop wonderland, containing a chest-pulsing backdrop and plush instrumentation. “Outta my head / Into your world / Windows down, radio up / Like old times in my new truck,” he chirps into a whirl pool of synths. Such longing for the normal ⏤ or perhaps desperately searching for a new normal ⏤ cuts right to the core of our collective anxiety during current social and political times. “We’re on fire, can’t cool it down / Thank God schools out / Summer time just the two of us.”

Written entirely on his own, the song bursts into an electric frenzy, as guitars crash into the eardrums after the second stanza. “And I want your body on my body every way / I want your body oh my God it’s heaven, babe,” Day continues letting hushed desires spill off his lips. The hook rises and falls as a frothy ocean tide. “It’s a supernatural thing to explain / But I want your body on my body every way.”

While clutching to the people, places, and things he once knew, there’s also an overwhelming sensuality to both the production and melody. “We can go downtown / You can fix your hair / Or leave it up, we can stay right here,” he sings. “Go dance in your grey sweatpants / We can take our time / We got enough / That’s alright I ain’t in no rush / Summertime just the two of us.”

“Every Way (Supernatural)” samples Day’s new EP, Original Songs and Sound, slated for November 20. The forthcoming release follows last year’s debut LP, Guess I’m Grown Now, and signals rebirth and renewed creative force. Now calling Nashville home, Stephen Day, who’s garnered more than 18 million Spotify streams, certainly eyes a superstar’s future.

Listen to “Every Way (Supernatural)” below.

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