Stephen Kalinich: A Poet In His Kitchen of Art

A video visit with the artist at his home of art

He’s a real artist, in the truest sense of the word, in that he is always making art for the joy of making art. A famous poet and songwriter, his expression pours out also in a profusion of beautifully chromatic paintings, which have the whimsical grace of Stevie’s loving spirit. His multitudes of expression, while certainly overwhelming to some, is who he is. Art matters, and it is unbound.

So when he feels the urge, which is all the time it seems, he paints on everything and anything there is, sort of like that Picasso guy. In a world where others see limitations and lots of reasons not to do something, he sees possibilities for new art. It’s one of many reasons why going to his home – back in our pre-lockdown days of liberty, was always fun and inspirational both. So I shot this little video to capture that bright energy, as words alone can only go so far.

He’s well-known for his songwriting, having written famous songs like “Little Bird” and others with Dennis Wilson of the Beach Boys. He also wrote “All I Want To Do,” Be Still, ” and “A Time To Live In Dreams.” With Brian Wilson, he wrote “A Friend Like You,” which Brian and Paul McCartney recorded in 2004 for Brian’s solo album Gettin’ In Over My Head.

And in 1969, Stevie made his own album, A World Of Peace, produced by Brian Wilson.

He’s also one of the brightest and most beloved lights to ever shine in this town. When people speak his name, it’s with a smile.

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But how does he maintain that luminous, loving and open-hearted spirit in a world of encroaching darkness, hatred and fear? That is the main question of the day, and one he answers with words in this video, and also in action.

We recorded it in May of 2019, after we went out for lunch at Factor’s Deli in West L.A., near his home, along with my son Joshua Zollo. So when we returned to his home, we spent some moments in his kitchen of art, which we are happy to share with you today, as it’s about our current American moment as well.

Here’s a Sunday Afternoon with Stephen Kalinich.

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