Stereo League Share Video for Title Track From Upcoming EP Natural Mystery


Photo by CJ Harvey

Last week, Philadelphia band Stereo League announced plans to release a new EP, Natural Mystery, in the winter of 2020. Along with the EP announcement, the band shared Natural Mystery‘s title track. Today, the band is debuting the official video for “Natural Mystery,” premiering exclusively below.

Frontman Alex Savoth’s longtime friend Michael James Murray directed the video, which stars another of Savoth’s friends, Eric Geoffrey. The video complements the melodic, ’60s-influenced rock of the track — which the band co-wrote with songwriter Vincent John (Nicole Atkins, Lee Fields) — with an understated, emotive performance from Geoffrey.

“[Geoffrey] spent a few years on tour with Ringling Brothers Circus in the late ’80s and continues to be a valued member of Philadelphia’s circus community,” Savoth says. “It was a really unique experience for him to have to downplay all of his reactions, because his training has taught him to be so overtly expressive. Once he locked in to our concept, though, we were all blown away by his magnetism.”

Natural Mystery follows Stereo League’s 2018 full-length debut album A Light On Each Side. Savoth explains that the band recorded the EP after experiencing “residual feelings after finishing A Light on Each Side,” adding that “a lot of those feelings made their way into this EP.”

Watch the video for “Natural Mystery” below.

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