The 4 Best Covers of “Fade Into You” by Mazzy Star

Mazzy Star‘s biggest hit is undoubtedly “Fade Into You“–given that it was their only single to appear on the Billboard Hot 100. The shoe-gaze icons released this track in 1993. Since then, countless artists have tried their hand at covering this track. There have been many great renditions throughout the years, but find our four favorites, below.

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1. Miley Cyrus

First up we have Miley Cyrus‘ caustic version of the Mazzy Star staple. Cyrus decided to pull this cover out for her appearance on NPR’s lauded Tiny Desk series. The result was a rendition far more explosive than the original. She keeps pretty true to Sandoval’s original delivery in the verses, but in the chorus, she lets her impressive vocals fly freely. Cyrus lets the emotion of the song guide her. Instead of shoe-gaze, she delivers hard rock.

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2. Inhaler

Irish rockers Inhaler paid homage to Mazzy Star in 2020. Frontman Elijah Hewson keeps his vocals soft and straightforward, much like Sandoval. The foursome’s version is atmospheric and spacey. Their prowess behind their instruments is readily apparent.

3. Valerie June

R&B/bluegrass singer Valerie June covered “Fade Into You” in 2022. Her unique vocals made the track her own. The vibey studio she performed the cover in only adds to the magic of her rendition. It’s arguably one of the most unique covers of this song.

4. Kelly Clarkson

Anything Kelly Clarkson touches turns to gold. Like Cyrus’ version, Clarkson lets her soaring vocals fly freely in her cover. Every note Clarkson sings cuts straight to the heart. Even the simplest melodies–like the one accompanying I want to hold the hand inside you / I want to take the breath that’s true–sound deeply soulful.

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