The 6 Best Beyoncé Duets—From The Chicks to Missy Elliott

It’s been a while since R&B’s diva has released a solo project, but thankfully, Queen B is back.

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Beyoncé recently announced the upcoming release of her seventh album, Renaissance. The album is said to have 16 tracks and is set to release on July 29. 

And if there’s one woman who knows a thing or two about making good music, it’s Beyoncé. The former Destiny’s Child singer is the most Grammy-awarded female musician of all time, with 28 Grammys and counting. She has her own record label, Parkwood Entertainment, and has directed films like Homecoming (2019) and Black is King (2020). 

So, in light of her long-awaited album, we are celebrating some of Beyoncé’s many collaborations. Below is a list of our favorite Beyoncé duets. 

1. “Superpower” with Frank Ocean 

The two musicians individually have a strong and wide vocal range, so it only makes sense that together they produce breathtaking harmonies. The song is a cry for justice, and one of Beyoncé’s many protest songs. 

2. “Daddy Lessons” with The Chicks 

If you were wondering what kind of duet crosses the R&B and country genres, it is most definitely “Daddy Lessons.” Crossing genre boundaries by creating a song with country and R&B icons was a genius move. “Daddy Lessons” is about Beyoncé’s Texas roots and her relationship with her father. 

3. “Telephone” with Lady Gaga 

What happens when you put two divas in a room together? Ultimately, you leave your head and your heart on the dance floor. A true testament to pop girls, “Telephone” ties Beyoncé’s rap with Gaga’s unusually quirky music videos. 

4. “Flawless Remix” with Nicki Minaj

“Flawless” is a major track in shaping today’s feminism. The culturally relevant song is one of the most female-empowering tracks of this past decade. And to prove it? They made the song a collaboration with the two leading women of rap.

5. “Signs” with Missy Elliott 

Another song with one of the leading women of hip hop, “Signs” is one of Beyoncé’s earlier tracks. This duet is the equivalent of reading your daily horoscope in a teeny bop magazine. It makes you want to dance and discover what your zodiac sign is (spoiler: Beyoncé is a Virgo). 

6. “Love A Woman” with Mary J. Blige

“Love A Woman” is actually a track on Mary J. Blige’s 10th studio album, My Life II… The Journey Continues (Act I). The track was going to be part of Beyoncé’s 4, but didn’t make the cut. The song has a very ’90s sound even though it was released in 2011. Per usual, Beyoncé doesn’t fail to duet with a leading lady in the R&B genre. 

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