The AS Twitterview: Kristin Hersh

Videos by American Songwriter

Videos by American Songwriter

You tweeted your questions to songwriter, mother and Throwing Muses frontwoman Kristin Hersh, and we’ve collected her answers for you. Dig in.

AmerSongwriter: Do you still write “Doghouse songs,” or does the music come from somewhere else? (@Rpr9999)

KristinHersh: Doghouse was my term for “songs on fire”, so yes they still come, but the apartment doesn’t get the blame.

AmerSongwriter: Where’s the @50footwave stuff you recorded this year? How do you decide to do something w 50 vs Muses vs solo? (@Khier)

KristinHersh: We’re doing more 50footwave recording to add to the “Men’s Room” stuff…should be out later this year and different guitars seem to give me songs for each band/entity.

AmerSongwriter: What are your favorite throwing muses songs to play? (@NoveltyGirl)

KristinHersh: Favorite Muses songs for me to play? Limbo, Start, Furious, Soul Soldier

AmerSongwriter:  You said your music writes itself- can you listen & just think, “Wow, that song’s effing good”? (@Eggmailmini)

KristinHersh: The songs DO write themselves…so yeah, but sometimes I listen and think, “that effin’ sucks”.

AmerSongwriter: What’s one song by someone else you wish you’d written? (@mtthwdyr)

KristinHersh: I wish i’d written Myrtle, by Vic Chesnutt.

AmerSongwriter: You’ve said your songs usually write themselves. They seem to hate summer–is it you who hates summer, or the songs? (@EthicalPaul)

KristinHersh: A song comes to *me* because it has points of reference in *my* life…so we both hate summer.

AmerSongwriter: Do you think your current mood affects the way the songs turn out? (@ch33sl3y)

KristinHersh: Yeah, unfortunately my mood *can* affect the songs…i think i’ve made some terrible mistakes that way.

AmerSongwriter: You’ve been writing fantastic music for 25 years. How has your writing process changed? (@LandOfDawns)

KristinHersh: I think my songwriting *has* changed – i think i edit more and censor less.

AmerSongwriter: What’s one song you’ve written that you’d like to hear someone else cover? Who would cover it? (@mtthwdyr)

KristinHersh: I’d like to hear The Monkees cover Summer Salt – can you make that happen?

AmerSongwriter: We’ll work on it! What would you say to aspiring songwriters in terms of advice? (@Steverydz)

KristinHersh: Advice for songwriters? Don’t lie, don’t be clever…just listen.

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