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You tweeted your questions to songwriter, mother and Throwing Muses frontwoman Kristin Hersh, and we’ve collected her answers for you. Dig in.

AmerSongwriter: Do you still write “Doghouse songs,” or does the music come from somewhere else? (@Rpr9999)

KristinHersh: Doghouse was my term for “songs on fire”, so yes they still come, but the apartment doesn’t get the blame.

AmerSongwriter: Where’s the @50footwave stuff you recorded this year? How do you decide to do something w 50 vs Muses vs solo? (@Khier)

KristinHersh: We’re doing more 50footwave recording to add to the “Men’s Room” stuff…should be out later this year and different guitars seem to give me songs for each band/entity.

AmerSongwriter: What are your favorite throwing muses songs to play? (@NoveltyGirl)

KristinHersh: Favorite Muses songs for me to play? Limbo, Start, Furious, Soul Soldier

AmerSongwriter:  You said your music writes itself- can you listen & just think, “Wow, that song’s effing good”? (@Eggmailmini)

KristinHersh: The songs DO write themselves…so yeah, but sometimes I listen and think, “that effin’ sucks”.

AmerSongwriter: What’s one song by someone else you wish you’d written? (@mtthwdyr)

KristinHersh: I wish i’d written Myrtle, by Vic Chesnutt.

AmerSongwriter: You’ve said your songs usually write themselves. They seem to hate summer–is it you who hates summer, or the songs? (@EthicalPaul)

KristinHersh: A song comes to *me* because it has points of reference in *my* life…so we both hate summer.

AmerSongwriter: Do you think your current mood affects the way the songs turn out? (@ch33sl3y)

KristinHersh: Yeah, unfortunately my mood *can* affect the songs…i think i’ve made some terrible mistakes that way.

AmerSongwriter: You’ve been writing fantastic music for 25 years. How has your writing process changed? (@LandOfDawns)

KristinHersh: I think my songwriting *has* changed – i think i edit more and censor less.

AmerSongwriter: What’s one song you’ve written that you’d like to hear someone else cover? Who would cover it? (@mtthwdyr)

KristinHersh: I’d like to hear The Monkees cover Summer Salt – can you make that happen?

AmerSongwriter: We’ll work on it! What would you say to aspiring songwriters in terms of advice? (@Steverydz)

KristinHersh: Advice for songwriters? Don’t lie, don’t be clever…just listen.

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