Sheyda Ready to Slay “The Dragon” with Powerful New Single

In 2018, Sheyda was on her way to a songwriting session when a phone call stopped her in her tracks. “I received a call that someone I love had reached a breaking point in their struggle with alcoholism,” Sheyda told American Songwriter. Immediately, she coordinated intervention efforts for this loved one before bravely stepping into the songwriting meeting. Sheyda, along with songwriters Stephony Smith, Leland Grant and Jodi Marr, forged the song “The Dragon” out of that intense reckoning with addiction. 

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“I then went into the session and was very open about the struggle I had been having with [the loved one], and the nature of the beast that is addiction. We came up with the concept of ‘the dragon’ as something everyone has in their life,” Sheyda said. “Whether it be addiction or something else, we all have something to conquer and that’s how it came to life.”

“The Dragon” speaks directly to those who are battling, or preparing to battle, their inner struggles. And as a powerful rallying cry, Sheyda sings, “I know it ain’t easy pickin up pieces, this is hardest part / You fight it or feed it, you can defeat it, you gotta believe it ya / You got this now it’s up to you to fix the rip in your heart.” The honest lyrics build on each other as Sheyda’s voice rises and falls with a determined passion. 

Overall, Sheyda’s entrance into the music world with “The Dragon” has set an impressive tone for her rising career. The courageous acknowledgment and clash with addiction inspires a change. “It was kind of written as a plea and a war cry,” Sheyda specified. “A kind of call to action. I wanted it to be something that someone who is struggling could listen to and feel empowered by it to do better.”

“The Dragon,” however, isn’t Sheyda’s only rallying cry. This singer-songwriter has continued to write and look to the future. “I want to take up every opportunity to write and create, and I want to share it with the world,” Sheyda said. “I’m very excited about the unknown and I am ready for wherever this takes me. I have more music I’m going to be releasing throughout the year and I can’t wait to share them, and what next steps they might lead to in my career.  I just want to keep moving forward.”

Listen to the exclusive premiere of “The Dragon” below.

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