The Mowgli’s Talk About Staying Positive During Quarantine

Sporting floral Hawaiian shirts, Katie Jayne Earl and Josh Hogan from The Mowgli’s share their quarantine experience and perform some of their newest releases on American Songwriter’s exclusive Behind The Mic series. 

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Attempting to foster positivity in this time of uncertainty, Hogan is quick to dedicate their newest release, “Vacation” to all of the essential workers. 

“I wanna say, whenever I sing this now I’m thinking of all of those essential workers that are out there on the front lines. In a world where the news keeps telling them it’s so scary, they’re out there working so that we can stay at home and broadcast music like this for you from the safety of our living room,” she says. 

As far as how they’ve stayed inspired during quarantine, the two share that although things have changed, they feel lucky that they have means to continue creating. 

“I think that artist’s are faced with this really interesting and unique challenge right now to make do and to make art with what they have on hand. That’s created a really cool challenge for us because it’s allowed us to step outside of the box and do things in a slightly different way than we would usually do them,” Earl says. 

Despite the circumstances, Earl and Hogan aren’t easily shaken and hope to use their platform to bring joy in any way. 

Before performing “You’re Not Alone,” Earl prefaced the song with another dedication. This time, to the people out there who are lonely and hurting, in need of connection. 

As a way to combat the loneliness in the world, Hogan eagerly shared a phone number that fans can contact in order to facilitate a feeling of community. Their giving attitude and priority to create uplifting music is a factor which sets them apart as a group. 

To finish their set, Earl stayed pleasantly on-brand by pulling out a kazoo to perform one of their most popular releases, “San Francisco” as a grand finale moment.

Watch the full Behind The Mic with The Mowgli’s below. 

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