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In anticipation of his 35th studio album Psychedelic Pill , Neil Young took to Twitter today to take questions from his fans. Which meant the occasional one word answer, a couple of jokes, and even a question from himself. Read the full transcript below.

@rod_sims: What’s the significance of the name Psychedelic Pill?

Neil Young: It is a pill that induces psychedelia.

‏@joellynch8: Will you be touring the uk soon neil?

Neil Young: Yes.

@fitnessystem: If you were forced to play only one for the rest of your life: acoustic or electric?

Neil Young: Electric.

‏@bennett933: Do you have any friends who have overcome heroin addiction? I have a 21 yr old daughter in rehab.

Neil Young: Yes, I do have friends who have overcome heroin addiction. She should just stay with it.

@bibalasvegas: Did you read ‘Shakey’ biography before writing ‘Waging Heavy Peace’?

Neil Young: No.

@shoefactory: How much of what Crazy Horse is creating on stage this tour is improvised? So much magic seeing you at Outside Lands this year…

Neil Young: A lot is improvised.

@smiful: What is your favourite song to jam to with Crazy Horse?

Neil Young: I don’t have a favorite.

@BoltonNorthy: Are you going to release your Glastonbury set as a live album?

Neil Young: Maybe.

@roqueandrolle: When will you be in Dublin again good sir?

Neil Young: pretty soon.

@tdunning: What was your 1st guitar and do you have it still?

Neil Young: It was a harmony. Don’t have it still.

@Kapuskasing:  Do you still have Canadian citizenship?

Neil Young: Yeah.

@JADoss23: You are my hero Neil. Thanks for everything you do. As an aspiring musician you have any advice about getting noticed?

Neil Young: Get out a little, that would be good.

‏@jlszxc: What’s going on with your Car/ Automobile project?

Neil Young: it’s almost done, putting an interior in it then it’s done.

‏@brizzahizza: World Series prediction?

Neil Young: Detroit or San Francisco

@adizzca: What are you reading?

Neil Young: I was reading something… what was it… it wasn’t that good… so I stopped reading it #askneil

@Bad_Tweets_Guy: How are you preparing for the Imminent apocalypse this December? Any tips?

Neil Young: Working out

‏@OhJeremiah: What do you love about New Orleans?

Neil Young: music

‏@benhellier: Where did you get that shirt?

Neil Young: Christmas Present.

‏@northsidechad: What’s next, PONO or Archives 2?

Neil Young: ‏ PONO

‏@NationalAnthems: Do you like radiohead?

Neil Young: Yes.

‏@kcr714: Do you plan on playing any songs never performed live on this tour?

Neil Young: we’ve done that already

@plato_03: I just saw you play at the bridge school benefit concert. would you ever consider a collab album with Jack White?

Neil Young: I Like Jack White.‏

‏@tholt312: How has politics changed your music throughout the years

Neil Young: Ask me in two weeks

‏@Michfoshizzle: Have you ever thought of recording a song with Dave Grohl? I think you should.

Neil Young: Yes, I think we will.

‏@KariWillNott: How can people support Farm Aid?

Neil Young: Buy American food produced by local farmers. Avoid GMOs at Whole Foods

@RugbyGuy Ok. Any chance of you & Axel releasing an album together?

Neil Young: Axl and I are doing a world tour together

Neil Young: @RugbyGuy …that was proof you can’t believe everything you read #askneil

‏@SmokeyDouglas: From the new generation of bands coming through at the moment, who do you rate?

Neil Young:  Foster the people.

@akemi99: Bono said he likes them, too… it is surprising two super stars like them..

Neil Young: Who is Bono?

@Laurecker: Where do babies come from?

Neil Young: You and someone else.

@manuelv1695: Do you have favorite keys in creating chord progressions to sing over?

Neil Young: Yes.

‏@juliesneath: Tomorrow night is the first time I’ll see you and the Horse in concert. What should I expect?

Neil Young: bring oats and smell the horse.

@BHLjournalism: My dad’s been a diehard fan since the start and he passed it on to me. what does it mean to have fans across multi generations?

Neil Young: If you’re still alive, it means you’re getting old.

‏@ptholtz: I partied too hard and passed out for 1/2 of the Red Rocks show. Do you forgive me?

Neil Young: First you must forgive yourself.

You reissued/remastered your first four albums a few years back. Any plans for the rest of your back catalogue?

Neil Young: I’ve remastered the whole catalog.

‏@KepieT: What cd is in your car right now?

Neil Young: Tempest.

@CarlosSinNombre: What guitar did you use in on the beach (the song)? It’s one of the best guitar sound i think I’ve heard.

Neil Young: Old Black

‏@VugArakas: what was it like jamming with @TheSadies?

Neil Young: Fun.

@glenbarkwith: Your thoughts on the NHL Lockout?

Neil Young: ‏ money money money money money money money

‏@Crissy11823862: What do you think about gay people like me , is being gay ok to you?

Neil Young: Gay is good

‏@zogriddim: Why are you still with a major label you seem to want to control your own ship?

Neil Young: Why would I not be with a major label? I love my label. music people live there.

‏@Bpclementi: How do you maintain your time for creativity with family and other projects pulling at you?

Neil Young: My family supports me.

‏@neilyoung: Why did you wait until you were sober to do “Psychedelic Pill?” I enjoy talking to myself on Twitter.

Neil Young: ….

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