Dizzy Discuss Following Up Award Winning Album With ‘The Sun and Her Scorch’

Canadian indie-pop group, Dizzy, release their sophomore album The Sun and Her Scorch via Royal Mountain Records. Lead singer Katie Munshaw is joined by Charlie Spencer on the drums and his brothers, Alex on guitar and MacKenzie, the bassist, to complete the close-knit, self-directed band. Officially forming in 2015, the band formation blossomed from Katie and Charlie’s friendship forming from ninth-grade math class.

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 The record follows their Juno-award winning 2018 debut, Baby Teeth, a roadmap of their teenage years. It’s a melodic overview of graduating high school and the trials and tribulations of barreling towards your twenties. Today’s album, The Sun and Her Scorch, is their arrival point. The coming of age story is not complete, but the setting has shifted from the suburbia of their hometown Oshawa, Ontario to their ever-changing backdrop as road warriors. It contrasts sharply with the life their peers have chosen, highlighting self-doubt and insecurities in that disparity.

Lead single, “Sunflower,” set the tone as a bright, honest self-reflection. The song is constructed as an internal conversation is equal parts loathing and positive self-talk. It features a voice-memo recording of a choir performing at a local rec center during Katie’s sister’s volleyball practice. This playful touch adds a layer a casualty to it that exemplifies a light-hearted approach to their music.

Recorded between Mechanicland Studios and Katie’s mother’s basement, the record nods to their first collection, adding a sonic texture without straying too far. The Sun and Her Scorch was produced by Dizzy and mixed byCraig Silvey, whose portfolio includesArcade Fire and Florence + The Machine.

In the very middle of the album lies “Roman Candles.” The thematic track served as the third single and speaks to the turbulence of mid-twenties. The lyrics call into question Katie’s decision to forgo college, and a “normal job” and leap into the world of music.

“I’m wondering if I’m totally screwing up my life,” she laughed. “Everyone around me is starting to settle down and buy a house, and funny things like a lawnmower and cutlery. There is a part of me that fears I will never settle down because of the life I chose, and so this song is about me feeling terrified.”

Katie is most excited to share “Ten” from today’s album. The ballad-driven track exhibits her growth as an artist and their strength as a collective. Her voice shines over the lofty production. Rising through the ranks, the group has become more tactile in their craft. However, with that experience comes a change in personal circumstances, bringing inspiration for lyrical content. Baby Teeth is rooted in high school heartbreak, but as a group, they’ve matured and moved into a new space.

“I was trying to write about romantic heartbreak again, and it wasn’t working,” explained Katie. “Nothing was coming across as genuine because I wasn’t going through that anymore. I thought I had to figure out why I was sad and what that means. I had to figure out all the other ways that a heart can break that isn’t romantic.”

One of those discovered ways is outlined in “Magician” – a friendship heartbreak. She unpacks the passing of a close friend, highlighting that type of loss just as traumatic as your heart breaking romantically.

Back in March, COVID-19 called them back early from their European tour. Since then, they are thankful for extra time spent with family and the opportunity to get a head start on their third album.

Listen through The Sun and Her Scorch from Dizzy below and keep an eye out on what’s next for this emerging indie act.

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