The Top 10 Macklemore Songs

In the early 2010s when Macklemore & Ryan Lewis were rising in the minds of music fans with their 2012 LP The Heist, the two were popping up in news stories left and right.

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To be sure, the Grammy-winning duo raised a lot of eyebrows. That’s because the music they made was both compelling and interesting as well as fresh and unique. Living in Seattle, it was impossible not to see the effects. Left and right, musicians in the city were earning Grammy nominations, financial gain, and more thanks to the rising tide that was Macklemore & Ryan Lewis.

Later, when the duo split, Macklemore went on to write and release more pop hits on his own. Really, when you look at the collection of songs that have made waves for the rapper, it’s pretty staggering. And that’s precisely what we’re here today to do.

So, without further ado, let’s dive into the Top 10 Macklemore Songs.

10. “Jimmy Iovine”

9. “Good Old Days”

8. “Brad Pitt’s Cousin”

7. “Buckshot”

6. “Next Year”

5. “The Train”

4. “Glorious”

3. “Can’t Hold Us”

2. “Same Love”

1. “Thrift Shop”

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