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Country singer/songwriter Charlie Robison passed away on Sunday (September 10) from cardiac arrest. During his career, he made a mark on both the Austin and Nashville music scenes. Early on, Robison made use of a commercial sound. As his career developed, he shifted focus to a gritter Texas style. Both proved to be name-making pursuits.

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In honor of the late musician, revisit five of his best songs below.

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1. “My Hometown”

“My Hometown” is a soothing mid-tempo track. In the classic country vein, Robison sings about back home nostalgia in this track. Though he tried to make it out, he ends up right where he started. If you’re ever out west son / And you’re feeling like slowing down / I’ll see you around / Around my hometown, he sings.

2. “New Year’s Day”

“New Year’s Day” is tailor-made for a honky tonk. The opening harmonica riff helps to set the scene before Robison starts up verses about a wayfaring man. Went down Camino Espinoza / Gonna get me a divorce / I’m gonna split with all my money / See that girl who loves a horse, he sings.

3. “El Cerrito Place”

Robison delivered a poignant ballad with “El Cerrito Place.” Me I’ve been lookin’ for you baby, I’ve been lookin’ for you baby, he sings wistfully. Though Robison was the first to record this track, Kenny Chesney also delivered a version on his 2012 album, Welcome to the Fishbowl.

4. “Loving County”

“Loving County” is a classic storytelling country song. Well, I loved a girl / She lived out in Pecos, and pretty as she could be / And I worked the rigs on out in Odessa / To give her whatever she needs, he sings in the opening verse. As the story goes, Robison’s narrator murders a rich woman for her ring. He gives the ring to his love but ultimately gets caught. And sometimes they let me look up at that East Texas sky / And the rain on the pines, oh Lord, how it shines / Like my darling’s little diamond in the lights of Loving County, he sings in the final verse.

5. “Big City Blues”

“Big City Blues” has a darker edge than most of Robison’s songs. A Texas man through and through, Robison longs for more rural settings in this track. While navigating the big city all he can think about is getting back to the Southern rain. I got them big city blues / Someone done went and stole my favorite pair of boots, he sings.

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