The Meaning Behind the Frisky Luke Combs Song “The Kind of Love We Make”

In the immortal words of Ferris Bueller, “Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.” Well, that idea is not just present in the classic 1986 movie from John Hughes. It’s also present in an amorous sense in the 2022 song by country icon Luke Combs.

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In the song that talks about finding time for intimacy between two partners, Combs tells his listeners to smell the roses and be sure to show their lovers some love. But what is the history and deeper meaning behind “The Kind of Love We Make?”

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The Opening Lines

The 33-year-old North Carolina-born Combs, with his idyllic melodic-growling country voice, tells the listener immediately what this song is about. It’s a perfect open because it’s exactly what someone would say to their partner.

Yes, they’ve been working hard, and yes they’ve been sacrificing for the family and for the household, but life isn’t just about getting by, is it? There have to be at least a few moments for some good old-fashioned adult fun, right?

We’ve been burnin’ both ends
Keepin’ the lights on
So I’ve been thinkin’ we need
A little time alone

Growin’ Up

Fittingly, given the subject matter, the song is from Combs’ standout 2022 LP, Growin’ Up. It was the record’s second single and it eventually hit No. 1 on the Billboard Hot Country Songs chart. For Combs, who isn’t shy about writing about love but who often does so through more relatable tactics (see: “Beer Never Broke My Heart”), the song was a bit more mature than others in his past catalog. Nevertheless, it was well received by fans.

The Subject Matter

Once the opening was expressed—the idea of slowing down and paying attention to one another—Combs ups the ante with some titillating details. He locks the door and watches her red dress fall to the floor while the candles burn.

Well, there ain’t no way, baby
To get me out this house
When you look this good
What could I even think about? Oh
Besides turnin’ round and lockin’ the door
Watchin’ your red dress fall to the floor

Let’s get some candles burnin’
And some records turnin’
All the lights down low
Take it nice and slow
The way your body’s movin’
Keep doin’ what you’re doin’
To me all night long
Writin’ our love song
Girl, I want it, gotta have it
Let the passion take us to a higher place
Makin’ the kind of love we make
Kind of love we make

Canceled Plans

Like a bird in a tropical forest, Combs sings his song, hoping to convince his mate that now is the time for love. And with that comes the difficult choice to cancel plans, scrub the to-do list, and get down to another kind of business. So whatcha say we cancel our plans? / Tonight, I’m only gonna be your man.

How could anyone resist? Well, fans certainly couldn’t anyway. The song went triple-platinum in the United States and Australia, along with doing well in the U.K. and elsewhere. Seems like Combs’ idea of slowing down for love is ubiquitous. But even Ferris Bueller could have told you that!

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