Troi Irons Wrote “Flowers” After Dipping From A Terrible Writing Session

Troi Irons’ new single “Flowers”—premiering below—was inspired by an insufferable writing session with an insufferable dude who didn’t even realize how insufferable he was.

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“‘Flowers’ is the ideological center and title track of my upcoming sophomore album,” Irons tells American Songwriter of the song. “I wrote ‘Flowers’ about this terrible writing session I had where the guy kept talking about himself and wouldn’t stop dicking around on his shitty guitar. There was no dialogue; I left in the middle of the session, feeling really stupid. Because I don’t often do writing sessions or any collaboration—it requires vulnerability. It’s like having sex. I even brought sandwiches for us to chat over, he didn’t open his.”

The track is a searing alternative rock number driven by Irons’ barbed songwriting, nervy guitar riffs, and pounding production. Her vocals range from gentle and raw to grinding and relentless: “Think of all the noise we could be making in my bedroom / Think of all the choices we could make, ah / Think of all the noise we could be making in my bedroom / If you – if you weren’t such a…” she sings, building anticipation with each line. “Self absorbed, piece of shit, think I’m over it / You’re full of mouth, out of ear, think I’m out of here.” 

“Flowers” is Irons’ second single of 2020 following “Miss U Now,” which showcases the LA singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and producer’s folk-pop side. Both tracks come on the heels of Irons’ debut album, 2019’s Lost Angels, which Irons’ has called “a post-coming of age album” about her tumultuous early years in the music industry.  Now she’s gearing up to release her sophomore effort.

“The song and the album as a whole are a meditation on femininity and how I’ve rejected it for most of my life because people make you feel stupid for it,” Irons says of Flowers. “And they have all these fucked up, untrue definitions. I am trying to reclaim femininity for myself.”

“I grew up in the 2000s, so I was into like Green Day and System of a Down,” Irons has said of her musical upbringing. “Honestly, I listened to mostly men. I’ve been thinking about that lately. Like how that kind of shaped the way that I saw it cause I didn’t really hear any female narratives until much, much later in life. It’s funny. I have two polar opposite moods for music. I listen to things that are aggressive and grandiose, like you can punch people or conquer villages. Or really, really sad, beautiful things like Sufjan Stevens or Phoebe Bridgers.”

If “Miss U Now” falls into the latter category, “Flowers” falls into the former. “This side of love is trash / I look so stupid with these flowers for you / I’ll take my army knife and cut em in two,” Irons rages before delivering a scuzzy guitar solo. Needless to say, she’s the sole performer on the track. Check it out below.

“Flowers” is out now.

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