Twin Sister Duo Lavendine Says Hello To A New Day On “Open Up A Window”

Lavendine by Daniel Ayers

“I Opened up a window in this heart of mine to see what’s going on outside/ I never dreamed I would be so surprised.” 

The lyrics above are the opening lines of Lavendine’s new single, “Open Up A Window,” an uplifting alt-pop tune with a tinge of ‘90s flair which is set to officially drop on April 23. Penned by the two members of Lavendine—twin sisters Jacy and Jana Ayers—along with Jacy’s husband, the song is a testament to the perseverance, determination and blessings the sisters have held onto over the years. 

Album art for Lavendine’s new single, “Open Up A Window.”

“My husband, Daniel, started tinkering on the keyboard on a mundane afternoon in our studio,” Jacy said. “No writing was scheduled. But, at the exact same time, Jana and I shouted ‘Stop! Play that again!’ and ‘That melody is gut-wrenching.’ While dazed and confused in our excitement, Daniel said, ‘What melody?’ We immediately knew this was a God moment. I heard the first line, lyrics and melody of the song and sang it out. Daniel then tried to recreate the magic at that moment. Jana quickly recorded those few chords on her phone, along with my opening line of the song.”

From there, the sisters got busy solidifying their ideas. “This is one of those songs that was divinely inspired,” Jacy continued. “It’s almost like we moved over and God finished the song through us. After we got that quick, initial recording, Jana and I finished the song in just a few minutes, a cappella, based on those few chords that Daniel had stumbled upon. It took us around 45 minutes total. We were, and still are, amazed at the birth of this song.”

And after a tumultuous few years, the timing of this song’s arrival couldn’t have been more appropriate for Lavendine. Each plagued by chronic health problems, the sisters both fell deathly ill due to allergic reactions to dental instruments shortly after the release of their 2013 album Feel My Way. Finally returning to music with more creativity, inspiration and know-how than ever, this new release is the start of a new chapter.

“This song is about allowing your heart to open up, to be willing to take a chance again and to believe in something better, despite the dark circumstances surrounding you,” Jana said. 

Coming out as the COVID-19 pandemic is slowly de-escalating, that message of hope and faith is as apt for the sisters as it is for the world at-large.

Listen to Lavendine’s new single “Open Up A Window” below:

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