Unique holiday gift ideas for the music lover in your life

Most of us listen to our favorite songs on Spotify or Youtube, book a concert ticket every blue moon and have a catalogue of artists they enjoy. But this “like” of music pales in comparison to those who truly love music. They, on the other hand, spend hours perfectly crafting playlists, plan their social calendar around gigs, and in many cases, are musicians themselves. 

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When it comes to gifting a music lover this holiday season, on the one hand it’s easy — you know they’ll love something that nurtures their passion. But on the flip side, these are also people who have specific tastes, so just any old gift won’t cut it. 

That’s where these tried and tested music gift ideas come in handy. They’re either unique enough to wow your friends and family (think: custom prints based on their favorite songs) or are functional enough to help elevate their listening experience (such as a premium Bluetooth speaker). Better yet, many on this list can do both. 

Ahead, shop these seven unique holiday gift ideas that are music to the ears’ of any audiophile. 

Rindle Waves Custom Soundwave Print $95, available at amazon.com 


Memorialize your friend’s favorite song with this one-of-a-kind soundwave print. Simply enter the artist and song title of your choice, prefered color, text, font styles and frame, and in a few weeks you’ll be sent a handmade, vibrant print ready to be gift wrapped and placed under the tree. 

Music IQ Party Game $20, available at uncommongoods.com 


Put your family’s music knowledge to the test with a party game that will quiz them on a variety of artists, genres and musical pop culture. 

Victrola Vintage 3-Speed Bluetooth Turntable, $39.96, available at amazon.com 


The reason why people are still so obsessed with vinyl? The audio quality of the best record players just simply can’t be beat. And while most turntables require additional speaker systems, this one from Victrola has built-in audio, so you have everything you need to start listening to your favorite jams. Plus, it’s also Bluetooth compatible, meaning you can stream songs straight from your smartphone or computer. Did we mention it’s only 40 bucks? 

Booze & Vinyl cocktail book, $13.99, available at amazon.com


A surprisingly good pairing to your records is a craft cocktail. Take this collection of recipes, for instance. They’re designed to be enjoyed alongside a variety of genres and can help underscore your music’s mood. We’ll cheers to that. 

Vibes High Fidelity Concert Earplugs, $23.98, available at amazon.com 

While the music lovers in your life love going to concerts, they probably hate the after effects of standing next to a booming speaker for hours on end. That’s where these genius earplugs come into play. Vibes High Fidelity Concert Earplugs don’t block out sounds. Instead, they lower the decibel levels to a healthier range so that concert-goers still can enjoy the same quality of music but without having their ears ring after. 

Block the noise, not the music! Discover our selection of the best earplugs for concerts and safeguard your hearing at every live performance.


Rock’ n Roll Stories Tapestry, $33.74, available at society6.com 


This versatile tapestry works just as well as a piece of wall art as it does a picnic blanket or tablecloth. On it, you’ll find a variety of legendary performers that range from the likes of Jethro Tull to Jimi Hendrix. 

Google Home, $79, available at target.com 


After a long day, relaxing to your favorite LP is a given. Now, you don’t have to lift a finger when you want to enjoy your music. All you have to do is simply ask your Google Home to play your favorite artists or tracks on Spotify, Apple Music or Pandora, and just sit back, relax and enjoy. 

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