7 Best Earplugs for Concerts of 2024

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If you are someone who likes to attend concerts or is often around loud sounds, hearing protection is absolutely critical. Have you ever come back from a concert without using earplugs or any ear protection and your ears were ringing? Not fun – or healthy.

Ear plugs come in many different styles. In this guide, we’ll go over what to look for in a set so you can find the best for your preferences. Our top choice for the best earplugs for concerts is the Etymotic Research Music Pro Elites. They have active attenuation, they’re rechargeable and come with a carry case of useful accessories.

We've also included a handy buyer's guide and FAQ section to help you make the best-informed choice when selecting your new pair of earplugs.

Let's check out the list.

Quick Summary of the Best Earplugs for Concerts

  1. Etymotic Research Music Pro Elite (Best Earplugs for Concerts Overall)
  2. Vibes High Fidelity Earplugs (Best Discreet Earplugs for Concerts)
  3. Etymotic Research Music Pro Electronic Earplugs (Best Electronic Earplugs for Concerts)
  4. Lysian Ultra Soft Foam Earplugs (Best Foam Earplugs for Concerts)
  5. D’Addario dBud (Best Volume Adjustable Earplugs for Concerts)
  6. Loop Experience Ear Plugs for Concerts (Best Loop Earplugs for Concerts)
  7. Vic Firth High-Fidelity Hearing Protection Earplugs (Best Silicone Earplugs for Concerts)

Best Earplugs for Concerts

1. Best Earplugs for Concerts Overall – Etymotic Research Music Pro Elite

Etymotic Research Music Pro Elite


  • Type: Active in-ear
  • Size: Universal, foam-silicone ear tips
  • Attenuation: Switchable between -9dB and -15dB

Ear plugs don’t get much more next-generation than this set of Etymotic earplugs, one of the premier names in high-fidelity earplugs. They are low-profile earplugs that provide active attenuation. A lightweight design means you don’t have to sacrifice safety for comfort.

The attenuation is switchable between 9dB and 15 dB. But one of the things that set these apart from the run-of-the-mill earplugs that attenuate all sounds is that attenuation is only applied to sounds over 90dB. Low Mode cuts SPL by 15dB and High Mode boosts quiet sounds by 6 dB.

It comes with a water-resistant charging case that has a level readout for the charging status of the earplug and case battery levels. The earplugs can last up to 20 hours on a full charge. There is also an included accessory kit that has different ear tip sizes, silicone and foam ear tips, and replacement interchangeable filters.

Etymotic’s Research Music Pro Elites aren’t just high-fidelity earplugs for concertgoers. They provide accurate ear protection, noise reduction, and a broad range of sound for crews, sound engineers, security personnel, and venue staff that other earplugs just don't. At $400 they’re pricey, but for those looking to make an investment in a set of earplugs that provide robust protection, it doesn’t get much better than these.

2. Best Discreet Earplugs for Concerts – Vibes High Fidelity Earplugs

Vibes Hi-Fidelity


  • Type: In-ear
  • Size: Standard
  • Attenuation: Up to -22dB

Some listeners don’t want others to know they’re wearing earplugs. They want a design that’s slim and discreet, but one that doesn’t sacrifice ear protection or listening quality. Vibes have a minimal, low profile design with a clear outer sound tube.

They offer up to -22dB of sound level reduction. But instead of simply blocking sounds, they lower the overall volume of the environment you’re in. This means you’ll be able to enjoy music without it sounding dead and can communicate with others much easier than with certain other types of earplugs.

Vibes earplugs are self-proclaimed to be “virtually invisible” and that might be the only selling point a buyer shopping around for discreet earplugs needs before deciding to go with them. But the real value in these low profile, in-ear discreet ear plugs is the hearing protection they provide without affecting or distorting the natural sound quality.

3. Best Electronic Earplugs for Concerts – Etymotic Research Music Pro Electronic Earplugs

Etymotic Research Music Pro Electronic Earplugs


  • Type: Active in-ear
  • Size: Universal
  • Attenuation: Switchable between -9dB and -15dB

With the “smart revolution” of almost every type of electronic device it makes sense that it would eventually find its way into the world of high-fidelity earplugs. And who else but Etymotic Research would be the one to blaze the trail?

Attenuation on these electronic earplugs doesn’t kick in until sound levels reach 70-75 dB. Conversely, when using the -9dB setting sounds that fall below this threshold are actually boosted by +6dB! And since the active design provides gradual transition there are no annoying imbalances during transitions. But all transient noises that rise above the threshold get attenuated immediately.

Active means they require power, and the recyclable zinc-air batteries provide 300 hours which equates to two to three weeks if you’re using them every day. A useful accessory kit includes replacement tips, replacement filters and tool, a cleaning tool, test batteries, and a case.

Not everyone needs high-fidelity earplugs that are this advanced. At just under $300 they are a higher price point, but if you are an avid concertgoer or work in a field that subjects you to high-level noise environments regularly a set of active earplugs that provide automatic attenuation so you don’t have to constantly take them in and out is a game changer.

4. Best Foam Earplugs for Concerts – Lysian Ultra Soft Foam Earplugs

Lysian Ultra Soft Foam Earplugs


  • Type: In-ear
  • Size: Slow rebound 20 seconds to 60 seconds
  • Attenuation: -38dB SNR, -31dB NRR

When most people think of ear plugs, they picture the foam earplugs that you squeeze, insert into the ear, and then expand to contour with the ear canal. These types of earplugs definitely provide their own benefits. They are inexpensive and do a good job of providing a high rating of protection.

Lysian Ultra Softs are reusable earplugs made of ultra-soft PU foam. The inside is made of a porous sponge that’s highly effective at providing isolation and reduction from high SPL outside sounds. Their slow rebound, of up to 60 seconds provides as good, comfortable fit as you’ll likely find in foam earplugs.

The material is soft, comfortable, non-toxic, and recyclable. Beyond being a great choice of earplugs for concerts, they have a number of other uses to block out sounds. These include work, travel, sleep, and pretty much any other use you would need foam earplugs for.

5. Best Volume Adjustable Earplugs for Concerts – D’Addario dBud

D’Addario dBud


  • Type: Earbuds
  • Size: Universal fit
  • Attenuation: -12dB and -24dB

One of the biggest complaints when it comes to earplugs is that they can “deaden” the sound by providing too much volume attenuation. When it comes to simple foam earplugs this is just par for the course. Volume adjustable earplugs are an answer to this long-running concern.

The passive dBuds don’t require charging or batteries. And with a simple flip, they can go from -12dB of volume reduction to -24dB of attenuation, with protection for SPL levels even over 110 dB. An attachable leash helps to prevent misplacing or losing the pair, and magnets help to keep them together when they are not in use. 

Everyone has different curvatures to their ear canal, and it can be a hassle to find a set of earplugs that fit yours ideally. The dBuds come with five different sizes of comfortable ear tips meant to be used for long periods of time. 

D’Addario might be a company best known for making guitar-related accessories, but the dBuds are some of the best volume-adjustable, passive earplugs for concerts available. Their convenient design, clear sound, and affordability make them a prime choice for those who don’t want to have to deal with batteries or making sure their earplugs are at full charge.

6. Best Loop Earplugs for Concerts – Loop Experience Ear Plugs for Concerts

Loop Experience Ear Plugs for Concerts


  • Type: In-ear
  • Size: Comes in multiple sizes
  • Attenuation: -18dB SNR, -7dB NRR

This is a unique style that is a combination of in-ear and earbud types. The Experience attenuates sound by -18dB and comes in four different colors. Four sizes (XS, S, M, L) means you can find the perfect fit for you.

They’re constructed with an acoustic channel, filter, and membrane that ear protection while preserving sound fidelity. One of the best features of this type of earplug is it provides a good noise reduction rating while preserving audio quality. 

They’re easy to use, and since they come in multiple sizes there is something for everybody. They provide a style and comfort hybrid with a stylish and modern look that anyone can find appealing.

7. Best Silicone Earplugs for Concerts – Vic Firth High-Fidelity Hearing Protection Earplugs

Vic Firth High Fidelity


  • Type: In-ear
  • Size: Standard
  • Attenuation: -20dB

Vic Firth is one of the most popular manufacturers in the drum world, and these high-fidelity earplugs are designed in collaboration with the high-fidelity earplugs gurus at Etymotic. They provide amplitude reduction across the entire frequency spectrum by -20 dB. Silicone tips provide a good combination of comfort without cutting out high frequencies too much.

The biggest benefit this model of earplugs provides is how balanced everything sounds even with the attenuation. Inexpensive earplugs can do a great job of providing general protection, but they’re not meant with balanced frequency reproduction in mind. 

They come with a carrying case that makes taking them on the go easy and a neck cord that helps to prevent misplacement or loss. With a fairly low profile, there is some discretion in wearing them, if that matters to you.

Great for loud concerts, musicians, or anyone who is concerned with protecting their hearing through proper noise reduction without having to sacrifice a balance in frequencies.

Best Earplugs for Concerts Buyer's Guide

Hearing health is extremely important when you attend concerts and loud events. Everyone has their own preferences when it comes to finding the perfect earplugs. Live music venues are drowned in sound pressure levels and loud noises that can cause hearing damage and hearing loss without proper protection. Good earplugs reduce these dangers significantly.

These are some of the most important features to look for when you’re shopping around for your own.


Just like the best earplugs for musicians, earplugs designed for concerts use come in two main types - in-ear and earbuds. In-ear designs are just that, and the most common type. They sit directly in the ear canals. Earbud designs sit more toward the outer edge of the ear.


Ear plugs come in a variety of different materials that vary when it comes to fit, comfort, and quality.

Earplugs with foam tips are generally very comfortable, and the mold rebounds to the shape of each individual’s ear canal when inserting them. This type of material is mostly found in disposable, inexpensive earplugs. It can be difficult to keep them in the ears as they have a tendency to slide out during activity.

Silicone is another popular material. It is durable and reusable and provides a tight fit. One of the downsides to silicone earplugs is they don’t mold to the ear as well as foam. They usually don’t offer as much sound attenuation as foam, but the frequencies are more balanced.

Plastic is an even more advanced material and is mostly used for higher quality molded custom earplugs, volume adjustable, and active attenuation models.

Size and Fit

There are two main sizes of earplugs - standard fit and universal fit. A standard size is what is best for most people. There is a rebound to them that expands within the inner ear. This is great for small ear canals and is useful for all ear sizes.

Universal earplugs come in different sizes, usually three or four to accommodate the differences between each person’s ear canal contours. Large fit is another category. While it’s one of the least useful for most, for those that have larger ear canals they can be a perfect choice.

These are general standards of course. Ear plugs come in a vast range of sizes and gauges. Everyone’s ears are different. If you want a set that is fitted perfectly to yours it might be best to go with custom earplugs.


Attenuation levels are one of the most important factors when it comes to choosing the best earplugs for you. When it comes to the best earplugs for concerts you want to select a model that provides a proper level of noise reduction without interfering with sound quality or balance of the frequency spectrum. 

A lot of earplugs, like the Lysian Ultra Soft, are designed to provide high attenuation levels without much regard for sound quality. To some this might not be a big deal, concerts are a very high SPL environment after all.

But for fans who want accurate audio reproduction will want a model like the Etymotic Research Music Pros or the D’Addario dBuds. These provide switchable, active, and volume-adjustable noise reduction respectively.

More advanced ear plugs provide multiple levels of noise reduction so you can tailor them to different environments and sound pressure levels. This provides reliable protection while retaining sound quality to provide the best listening experience.

Battery Life

Concerns about charge and battery life are only related to active earplugs. They’re not as common as passive designs, but they provide unique benefits that serious concertgoers will find value in. 

The last thing you want before the beat drops is to realize your active earplugs are dead. So you want to choose a set like the Etymotic Music Pros that has up to 300 hours on a full battery charge.

Another thing to look for are accessories like a charging case. Additional backup batteries are useful, but not all active models have batteries that can be changed out. Most are built-in, which means making sure they’re charged when you need them is even more important!


It’s not necessary to have ear plug accessories, but they do come in handy. For starters, earplugs are easy to misplace and even easier to lose. So a carrying case and strap can be a lifesaver, especially if you’ve invested a good amount of spend on a high-end set of earplugs.

Other items that come in handy are different sizes, types, and styles of tips. These give you options for fit and comfort. Proper fit not only plays into how comfortable earplugs are to use but also affects their efficacy in providing protection. Having different options is important.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How many dB of sound reduction should earplugs for concerts provide?

No matter if you’re attending a festival concert outdoors, in an arena, or even a small club or dive bar as a member of the audience, hearing protection should always be used. 

When it comes to the best earplugs to choose, ideally you want to buy a model that offers at least around -20dB of sound reduction. There is some wiggle room here, but you want to make sure you choose something that’s designed for music-related use.

Are foam or silicone earplugs better for concerts?

Both have their benefits and drawbacks, but either is a fine choice for comfortable listening at concerts. Foam earplugs are more of a “one size fits all” in that they expand and adapt to the ear canal, so proper sizing isn’t as much of a buying consideration. They are also affordable and disposable. But their downside is that while they offer a great amount of volume attenuation, they muffle the sound and don’t provide the best listening experience.

Silicone earplugs have better durability and they’re reusable but need to be sanitized. But compared to foam they don’t fit to the ear as well for some people. Their main benefit is the most important one though, they provide a much more accurate representation and balance of frequencies with solid hearing protection.

Do Loop quiet earplugs work for concerts?

Loop-style earplugs are a great choice for concerts. Beyond being comfortable, a choice like the Loop Experience provides great attenuation without muffling or stifling the sound. When it comes to loop-style earplugs it’s more about comfort and profile.

Loop earplugs provide a slimmer, more discreet profile that is great for users who don’t necessarily want others to know they are wearing them. Regardless of aesthetics, protecting your hearing should always be a primary concern in situations where you are around loud music and damaging sound pressure levels.


It can’t be emphasized enough how important proper hearing protection is. When shopping around for the best earplugs for concerts consider factors like the type, size and fit, material, and how much sound attenuation they provide. 

Our top choice for high-fidelity earplugs is the Etymotic Research Music Pro Elite due to their low profile, comfortable fit, and active attenuation. The D’Addario dBuds are a great alternative with adjustable volume without the hassle of charging concerns.

Music lovers go to a concert for the experience, and choosing the wrong earplugs takes away from that. With some consideration, you’ll find the best earplugs for you so you can get the most out of each concert.

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