Video Premiere: Cowbell, “Tallulah”

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The Artist: Soulful UK Rock duo Cowbell
The Song: “Tallulah” from the upcoming album Beat Stampede, out this July.
Fun Fact:  The video was filmed in the Andalucia region of Spain.
Songwriter Says: “We had enjoyed some of David Higgs’ short films and music promos before and decided to approach him to see whether he fancied working with us, we were very pleased when he said yes,” says Cowbell’s Jack Sandham. “A few days later we all met up and quickly agreed that we didn’t want to make a boring poe-faced studio video so we had to think of a way around it. He suggested getting some flights to an interesting looking place and letting the location tell the story. We all agreed the song leant itself to big open spaces. I suggested the Andalucia region of Spain where I had previously been on holiday and when he saw some some pictures he got excited about ‘Spaghetti’ Westerns like ‘a fistful of dollars’ that were filmed in nearby Almeria (raining while we were there) and how this could influence the video. He went away and came up with a basic story but improvised a lot in the ‘heat’ of the moment – and I mean HEAT. It was the wrong weather for rock and roll clothes. Our only consolation was that I got to wear a hat and Wednesday got to wear shades. Strangely it was easier miming to the song at the top of a mountain or on a desert plain than in a studio. Perhaps it’s so ridiculous that you lose your inhibitions! Carrying the drums and amp up to the top of the mountain was not a highlight but was worth it to see vultures circling above us as we played. The underwater section was filmed in a lake near to where we were staying. It was an interesting morning, swimming in our clothes in a lake full of fish, frogs and snakes! A frog even made the cut. We love the video and hope people can see the fun we had in making it. Perhaps I’ll take some sensible footwear next time. Climbing a steep rock face in Suede Cuban-healed Beatles boots damn near killed me!”

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