Album Premiere: Luke Elliot, Provisions

Luke Elliot
Artist: Piano-playing singer-songwriter Luke Elliot
The Album: His upcoming EP Provisions, out 6/24.
Fun Fact: One of Elliot’s first gigs came when he was asked to score a film Benny The Bum.
Songwriter Says: “I’m very proud of these recordings. The recording itself was quite simple, but the mix took some time. We worked on it for about a month and a half. There were dozens of revisions – I had a very particular sound in mind, and I think we were very fortunate to capture it here. I’ve never been very good at describing my own work, but I think these songs represent a few different periods in my life.”

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“When they were written, I was in and out of a complicated relationship, working several different jobs, and moving between states. Right now, I’m living in Jersey City, and just thinking about all the transitions makes me lightheaded. The word Provisions comes from “Ballad of a Priest,” and I think sums up what all of these songs are really trying to get at. When I think of the word, I imagine a supply of something (obviously), and I think that all five songs were the end result, or manifestation of a search. I’m not entirely sure what people search for when they write, but these songs are what I found.”

“I hope you enjoy…”

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