Video Premiere: Elli Perry: “Nothing/All”

Elli Tank Photo
We’re big fans of Elli Perry’s rootsy, gothic chamber-pop… but we’ll never pony up the insurance money for one of her video shoots.

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Directed by Allen Clark and released today, the video for Perry’s newest single, “Nothing/All,” shows the New Orleans-based songwriter floating in a water torture tank and setting fire to an upright piano. It’s a sad song about the grey area between heartbreak and happiness, sung by someone who can’t help but love the man who strings her along. If Perry feels helpless, though, she certainly doesn’t show it in the video, which ends with her burning a piano down to the foot pedals.

“Nothing/All”is the first release from her upcoming album, The Salt & the Sea, and it’s proof that Perry will do anything – anything – to get the right shot.

“I ended up with a mild case of hypothermia after filming the scenes in the water torture tank, she told us, “which subsequently landed me with a seven-week bout of pneumonia. All while I was in the midst of a two-month national tour. I tend to throw myself completely into the art that I make, sometimes to my own detriment. The making of this video is a perfect example of that.”

Check it out below, and read about Perry’s recent adventures on tour here.


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