Video Exclusive: Ivan & Alyosha, “All This Wandering Around” (Live)

Earlier this month, Ivan & Alyosha secluded themselves for a so-called Cabin Session, playing and performing songs from their new album, It’s All Just Pretend. Today, the band is premiering the live video for the lead single, “All This Wandering Around.”

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Of the track, band member Tim Wilson says:

“We’ve spent a lot of time at a cabin just north of Seattle writing and recording over the years.  It was definitely our first choice when we started talking about where to film some live videos for our new full length It’s All Just Pretend.  It’s such an inspiring, beautiful place.  We usually go up in the winter or spring, most of the time there isn’t really anyone up there to annoy with a full band banging away next door.  Going back to the cabin is always refreshing personally and artistically, it allows us to regroup and create together without being on the clock at an expensive studio, w’ere all very thankful to the family that lets us use it.  

“All This Wandering Around” has been an interesting song to rehearse and execute for I&A.  The song was built part by part over several months in the studio by the band and different producers, and then mixed and remixed until we all felt that it was right.  Trying to figure out how to play a song like “Wandering” as a band has been a really great challenge, it’s such a different song for us.  I think its made us better, the lead vocal in particular is fairly acrobatic, and I’m still figuring out exactly how to sing it.  After recording a song like this and putting it all together, we usually have to pull the song apart, understand what exactly is going on and whats being played, learn it, then play it a thousand times together to get it right.

Watch the performance below.

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