Video Premiere: Jonny Fritz, “Stadium Inn”

Singer-songwriter and leather worker Jonny Fritz has released a new video for his track “Stadium Inn,” which features Fritz dancing in his underwear in one of the windows of the infamously seedy hotel.

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“I’ve always loved the Stadium Inn, ever since I heard that it was Roger Miller’s King of The Road Inn, way back in the day,” says Fritz of the inspiration behind the song. “It’s a residents only hotel — which, resident only hotels always blow my mind. Where the hell do its residents find the money to pay for a hotel for weeks or even months on end?! It CANNOT be any cheaper than $300 a week/$1200 a month! That’s a lot of money to live in squalor — and resident only hotels are always filled with nasty characters (it takes one to know one). Being the people watcher that I am, I’ve always been drawn to train wrecks, human or otherwise, and the Stadium Inn is nothing short of a train wreck.

As Nashville started to change, traffic on the freeway slowed down, leaving you with time to have a look around. I always looked forward to creeping by the Stadium Inn during rush hour. You could see right into these peoples’ rooms because they hardly ever drew the blinds and I don’t think they cared or knew that people could see them. It really inspired me and I liked to think of the place as a live movie theatre with 15 movies playing at once. That’s what inspired the song at least.”

Watch the video below. Fritz’ new album, SWEET CREEP, is out now.

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