Watch Jamie Lin Wilson Perform “The Being Gone”

Photo by Eryn Brooke

Jamie Lin Wilson’s latest album Jumping Over Rocks has been one of country’s more critically acclaimed records this year, earning the south Texas artist praise for her vulnerable songwriting and for her no-frills take on Texas country.

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One of the standout tracks on Jumping Over Rocks is “The Being Gone,” a tender meditation on the personal cost of living one’s life out on the road. Earlier this year, Wilson and guitarist Scott Davis performed an intimate take on the song at the famed Coupland Texas Dancehall, which you can watch below.

“This is the most autobiographical song on the new record by far,” Wilson says. “Being on the road while trying to raise a family and hold a marriage together is a daily struggle. The highs of the shows are met with the lows of the loneliness and all the life that I’m missing at home. Chasing your dreams has a cost, and I guess I was feeling it a little more the day this song happened.”

Watch “The Being Gone” below.

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