Watch Josh Ritter and The Milk Carton Kids Team Up for “Losing Battles”


This spring Josh Ritter released a new album called Fever Breaks. Recorded at RCA Studio A and produced by Jason Isbell, the record is a cycle of story-songs that was partly inspired by the old ballads of the British Isles.

For Amazon Music’s Original series, Ritter teamed up with the Milk Carton Kids to recut “Losing Battles” from the new album.

“Once a song is written and recorded, it can be difficult to reimagine it, but I knew that ‘Losing Battles’ was a song that could go in all kinds of directions,” Ritter told American Songwriter. “Once the idea of working with Joey and Kenneth came into my mind, I only wanted to see where the collaboration could take us. It was really exciting, fun, and inspiring to be in the midst of such talent and vision. What a great time!”

“Josh asked us to make his beautiful, sad song even sadder,” added the Milk Carton Kids, “and that’s a task we’re well-suited to. You might not know it to hear this thing, but we had a great time making it together.”

Watch the video for the session below.

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