5 Songs You Didn’t Know Jackson Browne Wrote for Other Artists

"These Days" (Nico): Browne's early composition reflects on regret and loss, resonating with various artists beyond its original recording.

"She's a Flying Thing" (Steve Noonan) Browne's tender lyrics capture the longing for love and freedom, showcased in Noonan's rendition.

"Jamaica Say You Will" (The Byrds) Browne's poetic storytelling of love and loss finds its place in The Byrds' rendition.

"Take It Easy" (Eagles) Co-written with Glenn Frey, Browne's hit launches the Eagles' career, embodying laid-back California vibes.

"Tenderness on the Block" (Warren Zevon) Browne collaborates with Zevon, crafting a poignant tale of love and coming of age.