Gabrielle Grace Celebrates the Knowledge That “We’ll Be Alright”

Folk-Indie artist Gabrielle Shultz described herself as a storyteller and a firm believer in humanities’ need for deep community. 

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The faith-based songwriter, who goes by Gabrielle Grace as an artist, told American Songwriter her latest single, “We’ll Be Alright,” was a heartcry birthed out of a trying time with her fiance, now husband, Jimmy Shultz, right before the beginning of the COVID-19 impacted season. 

Gabrielle explained the couple always sought to be very intentional with their time together, but there came a time in late February where stress levels and commitments were pulling them away from each other intensely. 

“He was so busy with school and I was so busy playing a show every weekend, church, work, and trying to have a social life,” Gabrielle said. “We weren’t mad at eachother, we weren’t necessarily sad, we were just displeased and you could tell we would like the busyness of life to just slow down, ironically enough right before COVID.” 

‘We’ll Be Alright,’ which Gabrielle noted she wrote in mere minutes, tackled the difficult, yet hopeful reality of laying aside one’s time and distractions in order to show another individual love and real care. “If love is to lose it, then I’m in last place,” the song denotes. 

“Christ calls us to be in last place to serve one another. We have to give up our time and anything that is a distraction that keeps us from loving a person well, or loving God well,” Gabrielle explained.  

Gabrielle and Jimmy got married in May, 2020 and the singer said the process of transitioning into life with one another has only made the message of this latest single even more meaningful. 

For Gabrielle, surviving without close, prioritized relationships both physically and with God was not even an option. The sudden halt to her current speed of life elevated this reality and made her more aware of her needs. 

“Being married has really taught me how much you do need each other and you need that community of believers, musicians and people that are truly going to support you and encourage you, but also, making sure you’re intentional toward those people as well,” Gabrielle noted.

Although the story behind ‘We’ll Be Alright,’ was specifically hers and Jimmy’s, Gabrielle said she prays that others will relate to it and be encouraged. 

“The song embodies the need for not just your significant other, but your need for God and your need for other people and it was for me ironically enough, when I had the busiest time of my life and I was not willing to give up some things or even set back some things in my schedule. I think you need to do that to love others well, to love yourself, and to love God,” Gabrielle said. 

‘We’ll Be Alright,’ is leading up to an EP, which Gabrielle said she plans to release in early 2021. 

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