What Katy Perry’s New Song “Woman’s World” Predicts About the Future of Pop Music

Everyone’s been buzzing for weeks about the fact that Katy Perry is leaving American Idol to work on new music. Now, everyone’s buzzing about the teaser for her new track, “Woman’s World”. And while we’re excited that Perry is back at it with a new upcoming album, criticisms of her new song have arisen; and it hasn’t even been officially released yet.

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The album will likely have a theme of female empowerment based on the snippet of “Woman’s World”. Fans are excited about it, but a few detractors have noticed something very… fair. 

“Too much AI,” said one commenter on Perry’s Instagram promo for the song.

“What kinda over edited AI lookin KP is this?” said another.

We won’t accuse Katy Perry of anything of the sort, but the discourse around the new song brings to mind something worth considering: What will the future of pop music look like as AI becomes more and more a part of the creative arts?

Will AI Eventually Become A Problem In The Music World?

If the reactions to Katy Perry’s new song are any indication, that answer would be “no”. It’s not clear if Perry used AI in the new song. In fact, it seems like she’s simply taking a step back into an old formula of bubblegum pop that has worked out for her in the past. Less complex lyrics, a steady beat, etc. 

But (some) fans and detractors alike seem to think she did use AI to write the song due to its somewhat predictable lyrics. Accusations like this have been flung around before at musicians in recent years—and in many cases, similar to Perry’s situation, they haven’t been backed with much merit.

But realistically, this is new territory. If listeners are already calling out artists like Katy Perry for sounding like they used AI to either write or produce their music, it’s doubtful that it’ll continue to become a problem. If the fans don’t like it, then it simply won’t be done.

Perry’s new track is getting much more positive feedback online than negative, so we think she’ll be fine. But if “Woman’s World” is an indication, AI in music (or even AI-sounding lyrics) won’t make it far as long as fans are able to clock it.

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