Whitney Rose Debuts Latest Single, “Just Circumstance”

Austin based alt-country artist, Whitney Rose, shares her latest single, “Just Circumstance,” today on American Songwriter. Rose is an accidental Texan by way of Canada with a unique contribution to Americana tradition. Raised around the sounds of country music, Rose picked up guitar as soon as she could and started paving her path of musical pursuits. 

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“Just Circumstance” describes a girl trapped on the wrong side of the tracks. The song shares a series of misfortunes in this young woman’s life, each more tragic than the next. Rose follows each verse with a soulful, empathetic chorus line, “They all say ‘bless her heart’/she never had a chance.” 

“I had a very specific character in mind when I wrote this song,” Rose shared. “I love crime tv, and that prompted me to dig into the criminal justice system last year. I read about the system itself, but also personal accounts. My mind was blown. It’s so easy to fall into that world, and it’s so hard to get out of it- especially when you’re born into this world without privileges, which very much exists.” 

This track is the second single from Rose’s forthcoming album; We Still Go To Rodeos. The twelve-song record will be released April 24th via Rose’s own artist/management-run record label, MCG. Each song was solely written by Rose. Producer, Paul Kolderie, provided expert guidance as Rose navigated new artistic roads. Rose’s confidence and creativity resulted in a record that is uniquely her own. Each track expands upon her authentic Americana tradition with the incorporation of new instruments and an innovative production style. 

“I draw from a lot of different influences, but I’d like to think there’s a certain uniqueness in my work,” Rose shared. “I don’t want to make the same album over and over again, and this one is no different. I’m not changing styles or redirecting my career as much as I’m expanding on avenues that I’ve explored previously.”   

Rose’s retro Americana approach carries a warm familiarity from her previous work into this album. Drawing inspiration from artists who were determined to control their own sound,  We Still Go To Rodeos presents a rugged, independent spirit within Rose. Austin was never the final destination for Rose, but she has arrived serendipitously, boldly embracing the Texas “Outlaw” tradition.

“I feel like I’m in a good place with the release of this record,” admitted Rose. “As far as I can tell, no music career or road to success is ever the same as another. Mine hasn’t been perfect by any stretch. But when I think about it so far, I never find myself wishing it were different. I’m proud of my output as a songwriter. I’m proud to have the opportunity to perform in so many places around the world. I’m extremely humbled and grateful to have worked with so many artists I admire along the way.”

Listen to Whitney Rose’s latest single, “Just Circumstance” below and pre-save We Still Go To Rodeos, due April 24th. 

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