Wildwood Kin Performs “The Crown” Live at The Caves, Edinburgh, Scotland.


Family acoustic-rock group, Wildwood Kin premieres video, “The Crown” Live at The Caves, Edinburgh, Scotland. “The Crown” was tracked for Wildwood Kin’s self-titled second album released in October via Silvertone/Sony.

Comprised of sisters Emillie Key (guitar) and Beth Key (bouzouki/keyboards) and their cousin Meghann Loney (drums/percussion), the British trio has been making waves across the Atlantic.

 “The Crown” is a song about leadership power politics and empires,” the band shared. “It was inspired by the phrase ‘with great power comes great responsibility’ and poses the question of whether leaders will still stand up for what’s right even when fame fortune and the glamorous aspects of leadership are stripped away. It encourages the idea of selfless leadership and of putting the needs of others first.”

Their new video presents as a captivating, subterranean performance of a timely track in global politics. With effortless harmony, the trio displays natural chemistry through powerful lyric lines and intertwining instrumentation. Each verse builds off the next. Each member of the trio takes cues from the previous line, dynamically introducing soaring lead vocals then drums. Another layer of vocals is presented before the piano. The performance slowly comes to a close with haunting harmonization from all three of the women.

All arrows are pointing to a global breakout for this UK-based family rock trio. Starting with their 2017 debut album, Turning Tides, these women had established an enthusiastic fan base by the time their second album hit the shelves last October. In response to their growing presence, they performed with the BBC Concert Orchestra at the London Palladium for the 50th anniversary of Simon & Garfunkel’s ‘Bridge over Troubled Water’ album. Watch their performance of “Why Don’t You Write Me.”

Ultimately fulfilling the band’s artistic vision, their second album feels natural and highly accomplished. Wildwood Kin proves wise beyond its years with lyrics that address profound themes like love, loss, and spirituality. There is a spirit to the record that’s as wild and free as the West Country moors where they grew up. With co-writing sessions spanning from Los Angeles to Nashville and Oxfordshire, their sound is more dynamic than ever. These co-write pairings included Gabrielle Aplin on ‘Wake Up Sleeper,’ Angelo Petraglia (Taylor Swift, Kings of Leon) on ‘Breathe’ and Alex Davies (Sigrid, Birdy) on ‘Signals,’ with Ian Grimble (Bear’s Den, Catfish & The Bottlemen) on production duties.

Watch the premiere of Wildwood Kin’s performance of “The Crown” Live at The Caves, Edinburgh, Scotland below.

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