Yusuf / Cat Stevens Releases New Video for his Reimagined “Wild World”

It’s another reimagined classic from the Cat Stevens songbook; created by Yusuf/Cat in an inspirational and unprecedented reunion of a songwriter and his beautiful, beloved songs. Today the new video was released, the fourth one from his acclaimed new album, Tea for the Tillerman², a whole new take on his own album.

“Reimagined” is the word being used. And they have all been reimagined beautifully. But they did more – they also turned these new visions into a record. As songwriters know, imagining is necessary, but getting that vision realized in the studio is a whole other mission. They did it well. They’re created whole new sonic realms for these songs we’ve loved always, but which he distanced himself for a long time. This reuinion of songwriter and songs is heartening.

The reimagining of “Wild World,” however, is more radical than the other songs included on this album. It’s in the same key, A minor, as the original from 1970. But it is one of the few parts he didn’t change. The phrasing and feel are shifted now to a tender tango feel colored by Parisian accordion and clarinet.

At first it’s hard not to hear all the differences, and how it’s not the same. But given a few more chances, it begins to stand on its own, and it works.

See if you agree. Here’s the new video for the new version, followed by the original, which came out fifty full years ago.

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