Nashville Songwriter Series: Troy Verges

PHOTO: Troy Verges, right, with co-writers Tom Douglas and Hillary Lindsey, at the 2011 Oscars, where they were nominated for Best Original Song for their song “Coming Home” from the movie Country Strong. They lost to Randy Newman (“We Belong Together” from Toy Story 3), who Verges actually names as an influence on his own career. The majority of songwriters in Nashville concentrate on the Nashville market, as the performers and publishers of Music City are pretty accessible in what is essentially a small town. But then there are writers like Troy Verges. Verges has had dozens of country cuts but some of the biggest names in the business, including Tim McGraw (“Drugs or Jesus”), Kenny Chesney (“You Save Me”), Carrie Underwood (“Crazy Dreams”), Easton Corbin (“Someday When I’m Old”) and numerous others. But Verges has gone outside the Nashville system, and even outside the U.S., in pursuit of his muse, with cuts by Celine Dion, Hispanic singer Paulina Rubio, and even Dutch pop singers Marco Borsato and Sita. Originally from Louisiana, Verges played in bands in high school and moved to Nashville after graduation to pursue a music business degree, first at Middle Tennessee State University and then at Nashville’s Belmont University. Today he is one of the most respected writers not only in Nashville, but in the music business overall. American Songwriter caught up with him during a rare opening in his schedule. You have a music business degree. There’s no doubt that the degree has helped you in business matters, but how much difference do you think it’s made in your writing. The degree doesn't make any difference in my day-to-day writing.... Sign In to Keep Reading

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