How To Book Your Own Tour

turbofruits_web This article originally appeared on Ari's Take. Last year I went on two national tours covering 40 states and played over 100 shows. I booked nearly every show. It was my first time visiting about 30 of the cities and many of the other cities' venues I had never played before. Both tours were financially successful. Let me say that again. Both tours, after expenses, I made money. It blows my mind that musicians tour and lose money. This is totally avoidable, but I hear many musicians just accept this as a reality of the road. Don't. If you want to be a professional musician, you have to figure out how to actually make money with your music. +Double Your Income... No Really +Our Tour Page Is Totally Full (Of Empty Shows) First off, though, you shouldn't book a tour until you are successful in your hometown. If you haven't figured out how to get big crowds out to your local shows, then you aren't ready to tour. There are no real "big breaks" anymore. If you're serious about having music as your profession then you need to put in the work and accept that it's a slow game. +How I Got 250 to My Debut CD Release +Beauty School Dropout +Just Say Yes How did I book the tours. Well, it was hard fucking work, but I made sure I went about it systematically. Timeline Most importantly, you need plenty of time from beginning the booking process until the first show. For a tour containing mostly... Sign In to Keep Reading

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