Daily Discovery: Caitlin Canty, “Get Up”



Caitlin Canty’s new record Reckless Skyline was released yesterday, January 20, 2015, with a full band tour kicking off in New York City. You can buy her record on iTunes or Spotify and be sure to check out her tour dates on caitlincanty.com!

SONG: “Get Up” from Reckless Skyline

BIRTHDATE: January 24, 1982



AMBITIONS: To write songs I still like singing when I’m 75. To love well. To not race at the horizon so fast what’s important falls by the wayside. My new record is called Reckless Skyline, not for nothing.

TURN-OFFS: leaf-blowers, dogmatic cowboys

TURN-ONS: Neil Young songs, dogmatic cowboys

DREAM GIG: Sitting in the audience while Lucinda Williams covers a song I wrote.


It’s just flashes that we own
little snapshots
made of breath and of bone
and out on the darkling plain alone
they light up the sky

– Jeffrey Foucault

SONG I WISH I HAD WRITTEN:  “Coming Down” by Anais Mitchell

5 PEOPLE I’D MOST LIKE TO HAVE DINNER WITH: My grandfather, June Carter, Robert Frost, my mom, my band


My final show working at the Artists Den was Patty Griffin at the Angel Orensanz on the lower east side of NYC – a gorgeous crumbling old synagogue. She debuted “Up to the Mountain.” I was leaving my day job to set off chasing after my own music. A soul-bending night. Good one to go out on.

I WROTE THIS SONG: to pick myself up and fire up the engines. I wrote most of it sitting by the Big Lost River in Idaho. There’s a ridge I like to hike nearby where a wildfire tore through. Watching how it grows back year after year fed into this song. And flashing back to the time I got caught up there in a summer thunderstorm. This song keeps me running from and running toward something.