Tour Diary: Larkin Poe’s “Detour USA” Now In The Rearview

lp5 Rebecaa and Megan Lovell of Larkin Poe. April 30, 2016. Atlanta, Georgia.

The dust settles — slowly, inexorably, quietly. In the rearview mirror, the twisting tornado of "Detour USA" recedes from immediate view, growing ever more mythical as the intervening moments and miles continue to tick away. But even now, from the opposite end of the continent, the aftereffects of Detour are still in evidence: a bittersweet taste on the tongue; thickened callouses on the fingertips of the left hand; a new feeling of strength felt in the repeatedly broken and mended, broken and mended bond between my sister and myself.

Our hugely patient publicist (and the kind folks at American Songwriter) will attest to the fact that I blew past several deadlines trying to finish and submit this final journal entry. Coming off the tour with E.C. and launching directly into a stint of Larkin Poe headline dates on the east coast was challenging. Emotionally and physically, my sister and I were dragging pretty hard. I felt brain dead, soul dead, and adrift — I couldn’t find my way out of a wet paper bag. I certainly couldn’t find my way with words. But at long last, with a few good nights of sleep under my belt, I can feel the blood coming back to my heart. So now, nearly two weeks hence, but feeling more like a lifetime: I’ll recount one of my favorite days from the whole of Detour.

On April 15th, after forging a long and snaking route from Jackson Hole, forced south by snowy passes through cities with names like Blackfoot and Pocatello, we rolled into Boise, Idaho. April 15th marked the official release of our album,... Sign In to Keep Reading

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