11 Candy-Coated Songs for Halloween

It’s Halloween. And you know what that means?

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Whether it’s youngsters going door-to-door to get treats instead of tricks or it’s adults taking a few from the bowl by the front door when no one’s looking, the 31st of October is all about fun-size Butterfingers and Snickers bars.

So, we here at American Songwriter wanted to offer you the perfect soundtrack for your Halloween indulgences.

Without further ado, here is the perfect candy-coated soundtrack for the holiday.

1. “The Candy Man” by Sammy Davis Jr.

One of the greatest performers of all time sang a song about the candy man. The person who can turn a rainbow into confections. You know the candy man can because he mixes it with love to make the world taste good! Ain’t it the truth? Check out this live version from Davis below.

2. “A Spoonful of Sugar” by Julie Andrews

This maxim explains why candy is so beloved, both as a treat and as a reward for hard work. A spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down. It’s all so believable when Marry Poppins, played by the fantastic Julie Andrews, tells us. We just want to believe and behave.

3. “Candy Girl” by New Edition

Ain’t love sweet? In this song by the ’80s band New Edition, we’re reminded how love—and the person we love—can seem just like a fantastic lollipop or a myriad of M&M’s raining from the sky. Put this song on and dance around the kitchen with your betrothed.

4. “I Want Candy” by Bow Wow Wow

We all know the refrain: IIIIIIIII want caaannnddyyy! IIIIIIII want caaannnddyyy! While we’re not 100% sure this band is singing about literal candy (har-har), it is nevertheless a delightful track to put on the ol’ headphones while tracking your kids going from home to home and knocking on doors in their costumes. It’s on brand.

5. “Sugar, Sugar” by The Archies

One of the most recognizable refrains in all of 20th century pop music, this song is as sticky and sweet as its subject matter. You are my candy giiiiirl. Yes, love and affection are as sweet as a peppermint confection. This song by the Archies is proof.

6. “Butterscotch Castle” by Captain & Tennille

Sometimes songs can suffer from being too cloying or saccharine. But not this one. This track is all about a Butterscotch Castle that has to be sticky sweet. Here, Captain & Tennille achieve the supreme: their song is as tasty as the title. Check out the track below.

7. “I Want A Little Sugar In My Bowl” by Nina Simone

Everything off the lips and fingertips of Nina Simone is classic. It’s her superpower. And here, this song represents a love song and a cry for sweetness and sugar. It’s a bit melancholy, but not everything can be bubblegum, right? Check out the song below.

8. “Candy” by Iggy Pop

With a voice like a shadow, the great songwriter Iggy Pop sings about brightness in a juxtaposition for the ages. You can tell he really means it when he says, Candy, I can’t let you go.

9. “Candy” by Doja Cat

A hypnotic song about a woman who is both the perfect match and impossible to secure, this song touches on what’s most desirable and most fleeting. It’s the club hit that resembles the moment when a Jolly Rancher touches your tongue. It’s bliss but not forever. Warning: this might not end well. Check out the track below.

10. “Candy” by Machine Gun Kelly

A subversive song, this track touches on the “candy” that rapper Machine Gun Kelly imbibes. Rest assured, it’s not real candy. It’s more likely something that only adults should ingest, though even they probably shouldn’t. Be careful out there, people.

12. “Candy” by Mandy Moore

Now that all the appetizers are done, let’s get to the ruler of them all: Mandy Moore’s “Candy.” This song is the perfect tune for the season: nostalgic and as bright as a bubblegum bubble. It’s a classic song from the era when Moore rose to fame in the late ’90s and early 2000s. I’m missin’ you like caaaannndyyy.

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