Spotify: The Next Great Music Service?

So what’s all the fuss about Spotify? Hang on… “What’s Spotify in the first place?” Well, I don’t mean to gloat but it makes a nice change to be the blow-in from Northern Ireland – or ‘Mickey Finn’ as I was so forcibly informed at a bar - and be up to speed with new technology in the very country that invented Netflix, Bacon Chapstick and the atomic bomb. Beloved Wikipedia (don’t worry, it’s usually accurate and if not, just go right ahead and change the facts to suit yourself) defines Spotify as “a proprietary peer-to-peer music streaming service that allows instant listening to specific tracks or albums with almost no buffering delay.” Spotify also enables the user to create their own radio station by controlling the genres and eras of their favourite music, share playlists with friends, and pay to download and keep desired tracks via a partnership with 7digital. Spotify launched in October 2008 to minimal fanfare in its native Sweden, a country synonymous with music piracy thanks largely to, a BitTorrent tracker that locates millions of illegal film and music files. That particular digital galleon was dealt a fatal blow in April 2009 however, when the…

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