Video Premiere: Farewell Milwaukee, “True Love Don’t Leave Scars”

Farewell Milwaukee by Sara Montour[1]
Farewell Milwaukee wrote most of their new album, Can’t Please You Can’t Please Me, during a snowy Minnesota winter. On “True Love Don’t Leave Scars,” though, the guys strum their way through a woodsy, summery sound, bringing to mind the warm California sun that shone down on their country-rock ancestors back in the ‘60s and ‘70s.

“‘True Love Don’t Leave Scars’ challenges an entitled love,” says frontman Ben Lubeck, who took the band down to Omaha to record the song at Conor Oberst’s ARC Studio. “[It’s] a birthright presumption. A hand me down love that isn’t questioned or evaluated because doing so would hurt, revisiting old wounds. What this song presupposes is…maybe our definition of love should be questioned on the regular.”