Watch Katie Pruitt Perform “My Mind Is A Ship”

Nashville singer-songwriter Katie Pruitt is an artist to keep on your radar. An accomplished vocalist, Pruitt is also a formidable songwriter, writing mature, thoughtful songs that belie her young age.

Pruitt recently shot a series of live performance videos with YouTube channel OurVinyl, with “Loving Her,” “Wishful Thinking,” and “Grace Has A Gun” having already premiered. Now, she’s sharing that session’s clip of “My Mind Is A Ship,” a powerful song about depression, companionship, and the transformative power of gratitude.

“I was really stuck last year after I graduated college,” Pruitt says. “My girlfriend Dana and I took a trip to Ecuador because we thought a vacation might help, but as soon as we got back I fell into the same negative headspace. I would drink all night and sleep all day or lock myself in the bathroom just trying to write a song that explained how I was feeling… I challenged myself to embrace this crazy concept of ‘loving what I already had.’ I began to understand how much happiness gratitude can bring a person. Once I figured that out, it worked wonders for my mental health.”

Watch “My Mind Is A Ship” below.