3 Scandals That Happened on ‘The Voice’

The Voice is one of the most entertaining music competition series to hit the airwaves in the last decade. And there have been a ton of memorable moments and performances on the show. However, there have also been a few controversies as well. Check out these three scandals that happened on the set of The Voice!

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1. Christina Aguilera’s Choice Words

In the years since her departure from the show in 2016, Aguilera has been vocal about her distaste for the singing competition.

In an interview with Rolling Stone in 2018, Aguilera said that she wasn’t happy with the direction that the show had taken since the first season.

“It became something that I didn’t feel was what I had signed up for in season one,” said Aguilera in the interview. “You realize it’s not about music. It’s about making good TV moments and massaging a story.”

Aguilera also said that she didn’t like the restrictions the showrunners put on her physical appearance.

“You can’t wear this, can’t say that,” she continued. “I would find myself on that show desperately trying to express myself through clothing or makeup or hair. It was my only kind of outlet.”

Luckily, it looks like self-expression on the show is encouraged much more than it was in previous seasons.

2. Adam Levine Wasn’t Invited to Blake Shelton’s Wedding

Adam Levine was a coach on the show for a while, and he and Blake Shelton had what appeared to be a comedic, competitive friendship. However, fans are unsure if that is actually true. Shelton confirmed that Levine was not invited to his wedding to Gwen Stefani. Levine also confirmed that he discovered that the pair tied the knot on the internet. Carson Daly was even there to officiate the wedding, and other former coaches were also invited.

Neither Shelton nor Levine have commented on the scandal, other than half-hearted jokes. There is likely a reason for the lack of an invite that doesn’t necessarily have to do with the two former coaches becoming enemies. But we’ll probably never know!

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3. CeeLo Green’s Return After a Felony Charge

Singer CeeLo Green was a coach on The Voice for a few seasons between 2011 and 2013. However, in 2012, Green was accused of drugging and assaulting a woman. He pleaded no contest to a felony charge of furnishing drugs and served three years of probation. 

So, it was shocking when it was announced that CeeLo was invited back to the program as a Battle Advisor to Adam Levine’s team. The Voice fans on social media were angry about the scandal, and Green has not returned to the show since. He was however showcased in multiple throwback clips alongside other former coaches during The Voice season 25 finale.

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